Growing Forward: Trees for Life 2019

2019 marks my 40th year in arboriculture. With all that I’ve done during that time, I have found the past year here in the Flathead Valley was one of the most challenging and rewarding of my career. That can be attributed to a couple of things:

  1. In 2018 we secured four separate contracts through the City of Kalispell to prune almost 900 trees, around 700 of which were the mature trees that embrace the neighborhood streets. In all my years working in the Seattle area I have never been a part of such an endeavor, nor have I heard of anyone else.
  2. The work we did for Kalispell would have been adequate most years, but we also saw a huge spike in overall demand for our services; tree pruning, removals, view enhancement, and forest management (especially involving mistletoe removal and fuel reduction).

We owe the increase in demand to the unquestioned growth in the valley and its economy. But also it has become clear that many of our clients, both in public and private sectors, from Whitefish to Polson, believe that their trees and forests are important to their way of life. Because of that they are demanding care from expert professionals.

There would be no success without the expansion of our team at TFL. Aside from myself, we now have 3 Certified Arborists on staff. Between the four us, we combine over 80 years of experience working with trees and forests. It has been and will be one of the most talented groups I’ve managed, and I encourage you to look at the staff section of our website.

With our dedicated and professional staff, we successfully completed the City of Kalispell projects with excellent reviews and met the demand of all the home/property owners, property managers, contractors, and others that called upon us.

2019 poses to be an equally demanding year and I’m happy to say that Tree For Life is ready to meet the challenge.

Ian MacCallum, President

Trees For Life, Montana