Root Health

When addressing tree health, often the issues are lurking out of sight below ground. When trees are not planted properly, or growth has been strangled by weed barrier, they can develop girdling roots. These roots function as a tourniquet for the tree root system, preventing the flow of essential nutrients from the soil into the canopy. The result can display itself in many forms, including canopy discoloration, dead branch zones and reduced vigor. Our trained team has the tool, ability, and knowledge to safely address this issue without further damaging the root system. Using an air spade to remove the dirt, we are able to see and remove any girdling roots or alter the trunk collar depth to prevent collar rot.

Construction often causes soil compaction, reducing water and nutrient flow. This air spade service can help restore soil density after construction is complete by breaking up compaction within the root system without harming or damaging the roots.