montana forest management

Forest Management

Forests are dynamic and just the act of growing can be a struggle. Drought, insects, disease, not enough light, too much competition, are but a few things that can turn a healthy, verdant, sanctuary into fuel for a devastating fire. Have us come out and advise what would be best for your property.
montana pruning


As Arborists we understand that proper pruning is key to a trees long term survival. Whether it’s training a young tree to develop a well spaced branching habit or removing deadwood in a 200 year old Ponderosa Pine, we have the skill to do the job properly.

Tree Removal

Over the years we have removed trees in challenging locations safely and efficiently.


It’s easy to plant the wrong tree in the wrong spot! Planting zones can vary greatly from Polson to Whitefish and we have the knowledge to match the right tree to your spot.


We have over 35 years experience in assisting communities, developers & individuals on a wide variety of tree issues.