Alec Hunt MacCallum

Owner Operator

Certified Arborist #PN-8241A, ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ)

I’m very excited to take on this challenge of running Trees for Life. All my life I’ve looked at my dad, up in the trees, and wanted to be like him. He has been an amazing role model for me as I’ve watched him, not just in his work ethic and passion for his craft, but also in how he’s treated people along the way. He’s left us with a great infrastructure of loyal clientele and a workplace that arborists love. But mostly, he’s made me believe in myself that I can run this great company, continue caring for trees, and safely perform exceptional tree care. I’m very fortunate to be here running a successful company in the town I group up, and even more fortunate to be working with my lifelong friend and now partner, Skyler. Since joining the industry in 2015, I know how hard it is to find compatible people. I would put this nucleus of arborists up against any in Montana.

Skyler Doak

Owner Operator

ISA Certified Arborist # RM-8207A

I grew up here in Bigfork, MT surrounded by the forest. After receiving a BS in Environmental Science from Western Washington University, I put my degree to work doing research (behind a computer screen) on the interactions of fish and wood in rivers for Oregon State University. Quickly I realized that I was seeking a more active profession, and moved to Nevada and began doing ecological restoration. After a summer of working with a chainsaw and improving forest health, I decided that becoming an arborist was the best combination of science, climbing and working with forest care. After years of training and running a tree service in Boulder, Colorado, I returned to Montana, the only place I can truly call home. After several years of running my own show, I realized that I needed help to efficiently grow my business and maintain quality service. In 2023 I merged with Trees For Life to help distribute the burden of running a business so I can continue to provide the highest quality care for your trees and forest.

Nick Merriman


ISA RM-8150A, TCIA CTSP #05096

Nick grew up climbing trees and running amuck in the hardwood forests of Pennsylvania.  After watching his dad fell a large oak for family firewood, he told his mom he was going to be a lumberjack when he grew up.  Inspired by his aunt’s Peace Corps stories he volunteered for Americorps programs in Colorado, Maryland, and Montana.  He naturally gravitated to any task that involved a chainsaw. 

After the Montana Conservation Corps, he attended Flathead Valley Community College where he participated on the logger sports team.  Nick joined the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) as a wildland firefighter in 1998.  During the off seasons, he worked for a small tree care company in Seattle, and the cycle of the fire season and tree work continued for years.   

After a 20 year career in wildland fire, he decided to pursue arboriculture full time. He started part time with Trees for Life in the spring of 2018. Soon after, he and TFL realized that it was “meant to be” and he started full time the following winter.

He is an International Society of Arborculture Certified Arborist and Tree Care Industry Association Certified Treecare Safety Professional.  Nick brings to TFL years of forestry andwildfire management, hazard tree felling, countless hours as an instructor, as well as his experience as a climber and rigger.  Nick feels very lucky to have two careers he loves.  He has a passion for risk management, training, and working with a tightly-knit skilled crew.

Ian MacCallum and Jane Hunt

Owners and Founders of Trees for Life

Certified Arborist #PN-0158A, Certified Tree Risk Assessor #478

Ian MacCallum and Jane Hunt are the owners of Trees For Life Montana. Ian started in the tree care business as a ground man in 1979 and Jane has been the Business Manager of Trees For Life since 1993.

Ian’s tree care business timeline:
’79 – Began working in the tree care industry in Seattle area.
’80 – Joined the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).
’80-’87 – Established two tree care companies in Seattle area.
’88 – Purchased property in Bigfork and started a small tree care company in the Flathead Valley.
’90 – Became a Certified Arborist and started what became Trees For Life in Seattle, WA.
’01 – Awarded the Commercial Arborist of the Year by the Pacific Northwest division of the ISA.
’05 – Moved permanently to Bigfork and established Montana branch of Trees For Life, Inc.
’15 – Sold Seattle branch of Trees For Life to Arborwell, Inc. and established Trees For Life Montana in Bigfork.