Tree Removal

Trees need to be removed for different reasons: safety, view, construction, or tree health. Arborists have been aptly nicknamed “urban loggers” because we can’t always fell them from the ground with a saw and wedges. We use a variety of different tools and techniques to safely and efficiently get material from height to the ground. Ropes, rigging systems, a tracked lift that can fit through a backyard gate, mechanical advantage systems, and, most of all, an experienced team of climbers and groundsmen. Using our tools, skills and knowledge, we can maintain full control from the tree tips down to the stump.

Removing trees can be an unfortunate choice to make, or it can be a huge relief. Sometimes it’s an easy decision: the tree is already dead, falling apart, or growing in an undesirable position. Other times, it can be much more complicated. If you are worried about your trees, give us a call and we give a thorough risk analysis for each tree.

Common reasons for removing trees:

There are many different varieties of rot that make trees hazardous (pictured below).

When a tree is planted too close to a house, it can become a very technical problem. We removed a large, spreading cottonwood in between two structures using a crane and spider rigging technique.

Sometimes the elements can cause irreparable damage to your trees. Below is a frost crack in a willow trunk that compromised the entire tree.