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Certified Arborists, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified, Experienced Expert Consultant

When you are dreaming up ideas and plans for your new home, it is also wise to envision what trees to keep or remove to maintain privacy, or open up views. Far too often the years of construction equipment damages tree root systems or trunks to a point that they need to be removed later, even though they were intended to stay for years to come. We have experienced arborists on staff to help set up tree protection zones before construction begins to ensure the trees you want to keep are around to enjoy with your new home.


Even the best landscape architect can overlook some of the more important aspects of tree planting on a new landscape design. Often, trees are planted too close to the house for a certain species or in areas of improper soil or sunlight. Consulting with a professional arborist can help plan the design for your property and ensure that the right tree is planted in the right place.

If you are looking to create a management plan for your forested land, give us a call. We can catalog trees, assess forest health, and work with you to make your vision for your forest a reality.In some situations, accidents or catastrophic tree failure can damage people or property lead to litigation. We have several highly experienced arborists on staff that can give professional testimony to the tree or environmental issues that led to the incident.

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