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Storm Damage

There are many factors that can reduce tree health and structural integrity; biotic factors, construction, soil compaction, clear cutting leaving individuals exposed, age, and poor placement. These ailments, combined with stronger winds, heavy snow, hail, and other storm events, have resulted with suffering trees in the valley. We have dealt with many issues over the past five years with removal and restoration pruning after these storms. From as simple as removing broken branches to setting up a complicated system for lifting entire uprooted trees off of houses, we can safely handle these dangerous situations. Our technical abilities and wide array of tools give us a range of solutions to apply to even the most complex issues.


Hazards to look for in a tree after a storm: root plate lifting/soil cracking around base of tree (especially in trees with shallow root systems like Douglas fir), hanging, broken or cracked wood in branches or stems, any change in angle of growth of the tree, etc. Give us a call if you have any questions, concerns, or cleanup after storms roll through the valley.

Here are a few of the many successful situations we have dealt with after storms

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